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New Transformers

Power Engineering Services Ltd can provide, from stock, new European Eco-Loss Design Distribution Transformers.

11000/415 volts Standard units available on 4-week delivery.

New Transformers can be supplied with special ratios and ratings to meet all your requirements.

We also supply new Eco Transformers for Generation Projects, where specified ratios and ratings are required.


Looking ahead, P.E.S can meet the 2021 Tier 2 European Legislation offering European built Amorphous Core Technology. 

Cast Resin Dry Type Transformers to Eco Design. Losses for 2015 and Amorphous Core Cast Resin to 2021 Tier 2 Losses 

A full range of voltages and ratios are available upon request.

All our transformers are fully guaranteed and come with a 2-year extended warranty.

New Transformer
New Transformer
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