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PES Refurbished MU6 Metering Units

Another busy week in the run up to Christmas at PES.

Here we have 4 PES Refurbished MU6 Metering Units awaiting final inspection before being dispatched to our valued customers.

Our inhouse refurbishment process has been developed throughout our 20 years within the industry. We provide all of our inhouse work fully certified, guaranteed and with options of extended warranty.

PES are able to provide ‘as new’ quality through an economical and environmentally friendly method, supporting an overall lower carbon footprint than simply removing the equipment from circulation and manufacturing a new unit.

Further to supporting the refurbishing of equipment, we have developed an entirely new product due to be launched within the coming weeks which further supports our goals of working towards a sustainable future for the electrical distribution industry.

For any further details on the products or services we can offer, or for any details of our inhouse stock or prices, please do get in contact with our sales team:

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