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PES Support New Generator System in Antigua

Recently, Power Engineering Services Ltd were awarded a contract to provide 2 PES Refurbished YSF6 Circuit Breakers to support a new Generator System in Antigua.

To support the installation of the equipment, the customer requested an onsite inspection of the existing system, including carrying out routine maintenance of the switchboard.

Upon carrying out the inspection, PES discovered a number of issues, including a serious fault on one of the outgoing circuits. This was safely removed from service and condemned for future use. Fortunately site had the 2 PES Refurbished Breakers available and we were able to get power back on to the local area with minimal disruption.

Upon completion of the works, the customer received an in-depth report on our findings, our recommendations going forward and a clear insight to the overall condition of the switchboard.

Another successful project completed by PES, with fantastic feedback provided in respect to our Engineers. In the customers own words: 'You have both been amazing, we have really appreciated having you with us and being so fantastically helpful.'

If you have any questions regarding any Inspection , Servicing or Maintenance works to your HV/LV system, please get in touch.

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