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Refurbished Equipment = Sustainable & Cost Effective!

PES support the upcoming EU Eco-design Regulations, but the industry should be aware that if your site has an existing HV Connection, we are able to provide a high quality, cost effective solution other than simply buying New.

We specialise in the supply and installation of a wide range of Refurbished Electrical Equipment, with our dedicated inhouse Refurbishment Engineers having combined industry experience of over 150 years.

All PES equipment is supplied extensively tested, final inspected, and complete with warranty. This ensures all customers receive industry leading quality whilst also supporting a sustainable, cost effective solution.

Below we have:

· 1500Kva Transformer complete with conservator, Buccholz relay and a close coupled Rn2c.

· 800Kva Transformer.

· 1000Kva Transformer complete with close coupled Saif 7-way feeder pillar alongside a close coupled Rn2c.

The Saif Feeder Pillar also includes additional features such as multifunctional metering, and 'Powerlock' connection facility allowing continuity of power and providing full peace of mind.

By upgrading aging transformers to more economical, modern Refurbished Units, you are actively contributing towards a Sustainable Future.

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