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Refurbished Switchgear

We excel in refurbishing and upgrading existing resources. This has been the backbone of our business from launch over 16 years ago.

Our skilled engineers are experts in transforming preowned equipment back to its original state. Providing both a longer life extension, and a more affordable and economical option than purchasing new switchgear.

Refurbished units offer the same high quality you would expect from a new unit without the high price tag. This also considers the environment as we provide a responsive solution to Power Generation needs for the future.

We can supply the following various types of switchgear, in voltages ranging from 230v up to and including 33,000v


Low Voltage Switchgear:

  • Mains Distribution Switchboards

  • Feeder Pillars

  • MCCB's, Fused switches

  • Transformer Mounted Distribution Cabinets

High Voltage Switchgear:

  • Mains Incoming High Voltage Switchboards

  • Fixed Patterns and Withdrawable Circuit breakers.

  • Ring Main units

  • High voltage Isolators

  • 11KV - 33KV Link Boxes


We can supply all the above in several variations depending on each individual sites specification

PES are also a trusted supplier of a wide range of New Switchgear. Please click here to find out more about new Switchgear.

All refurbished units come fully certified and gauranteed with an extendable 12 month PES warranty.

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