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Refurbished Transformers

Our team at Power Engineering Services Ltd will consult with you to provide the most appropriate solution to suit your electrical requirements. Ensuring that the optimal transformer is supplied for your project.

All Refurbished units purchased from P.E.S are meticulously overhauled by our skilled Engineers, rigorously tested, and sold fully guaranteed.

By choosing refurbished equipment you can reduce costs as well as turnaround time whilst still receiving first class equipment.

Quality Refurbished Transformers makes both economic and environmental sense.

We can supply and install a large range of refurbished transformers.

50kva to 2000kva typical voltage 11kv to 433v


3mva to 100mva typical voltage range 132kv to 33kv and 33kv to 11kv 


A full range of voltages and ratios are available upon request.

All our transformers are fully guaranteed and come with a 2-year extended warranty.

Power Engineering Services Ltd can also provide, from stock, NEW European Eco-Loss Design Distribution Transformers. Please click here to find out more about new Transformers 

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