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We understand that having all year-round uninterrupted power is vital.

One crucial way to minimise the ever-present risk of electrical failure is to have your electrical equipment regularly maintained.

Due to the economic climate and the need for specialists, many organisations employ Power Engineering Services on a contract maintenance basis.

This arrangement has incredible benefits for the customer – if equipment is serviced regularly it is far less likely to suffer a major breakdown resulting in long periods out of service and loss of production.

Power Engineering Services provide onsite servicing for a wide range of Equipment including:

  • Transformers – Cast Resin, Oil, Midel.                                  

  • Switchgear- SF6, Vacuum, Oil.

  • HV and LV Protection studies.

Our engineers are all highly experienced and have received extensive training working with each manufacturer. This ensures a complete and professional service every time.

This can include extracting oil samples, testing and issuing full laboratory and inspection reports.

All work is carried out with all relevant safety documentation. We operate under a strict Test and Inspection procedure which is incorporated in our QA Systems 

To compliment this service P.E.S also offer:

  • Relay, pressure and transformer testing

  • System upgrades from electro-mechanical to electronic digital protection systems.

  • Upgraded CAD drawings.

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